Hi, I am a biqueer agender spacegoat othersoul from the 6th dimension. My talents include ReWaking and magickally charging water with Enochian vibratory energy.


26th September 2014


Hi, I am a biqueer agender spacegoat othersoul from the 6th dimension. My talents include ReWaking and magickally charging water with Enochian vibratory energy.

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28th August 2014

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Questions tag thing

11 Questions:  (tagged by this sparkly faggot)

  1. What was your first impression of me vs what you think of me now?”

    "Wow what a loser" versus how I feel about you now, which is pretty much "Wow what a lose, but I care about that loser"
    A lot has gone on since we first met.I don’t even fucking remember how we first met, holy shit, I think maybe some tiny chat where I didn’t know who the fuck you were? Needless to say that sure as shit has changed, we’ve both been there for eachother through a great deal, and you’ve remained someone I view as a friend for all of it.

    Nah, but you’re okay, I guess.

  2. What is your natural hair colour and would you change it if you could ?(i.e. make yourself a natural blonde, redhead, etc)

    Brown, but with a few grey hair (fucking genetics), if I could change my hair colour, I’m not really sure what I’d change it to. Probably something really wacky, like cream coloured, something that you can’t really do with dye. Then again that would make me stand out too much, so I’d probably just leave it as is, maybe a bit lighter.

  3. What is the last thing you read that really struck you, whether it be a book in its entirety, a line from a poem, a quote, etc..?

    Well, there was that one thing that I read a while ago that sent me into pretty much full blown panic attacks for about a month, leaving me to haul my shit back together. But barring that, probably this one quote from that one Hine book because I’m a shitty occultist faglord, but there are so many quotable things that are probably better, this was just something I was re-reading yesterday for no apparent reason 

    “One cannot shape the world without being reshaped in the process. Each gain of power requires its own sacrifice.”

    Idk, I guess it hits home or something. (From condensed chaos by Phil Hine

  4. Did you dream last night? If so, about what? If not, tell me about the last one you remember.

    Incredibly graphic and lewd things. Other than that, I had a dream I was trapped in a horror game, I’ve had similar before. It ended up with us crashing the stock market or something, and there being some guy telling me to sniff this brown powder on his finger (wat), saying it smelt like cinnamon or something, then there being some weird off detail which meant the killer was with us all along ;oOOoo, but then I woke up after pressing buttons that were assigned to the people who weren’t the killer/monster/whateverIdon’teven

  5. Coffee or tea?

    Tea, but I prefer coffee.

  6. What physical characteristic do you look for first in a potential partner/fb/fwb/one night stand/etc?

    Hi I’m barium peroxide and I’m a huge faggot who enjoys manly men. In general I guess I dislike people who are thin/lean (AKA twinks), or around my build (Aka full post-auschwitz mode), also bodyhair in my case is a plus. I could rattle off names of porn stars with my “dream body” but I guess that’d be weird and show how much porn I watch (A lot) so I wont. Butyeah, in general men who are men. As for personality, I’m not really sure. Being nice to be around is a big one. Being able to make me not be a miserable little shit 100% of the time is also something I look for. Asides from the obvious “I like people who like me and who are nice and funny and like long walks on the beach and I am totally generic in my likes”, I guess I like some degree of feeling safe. Or something. I don’t know, I don’t really think about what I want in a potential mate, I just kind of go with it, and I think I’ll know, as silly as that sounds.

  7. What is(are) your favourite song(s) right now?

    Hohoho boy, get ready for my mad shit taste. Nah, but my favourite songs change on an hourly basis so I’ll just say what I currently like/am listening to
    I Am a Child - Dieter Schaaf
    Thieves like Us - Drugs In My Body
    The Tallest Man On Earth - The Dreamer
    Lana Del Ray - Summer Wine, or one of those unreleased tracks like this or really anything
    Anything by the MGMT
    Anything by the Scissor sisters (REACHING MAXIMUM GAY)
    Oh man there’s so many songs I want to put down. Pretty much my favorite song is just everything.
    Oh, also this guy, up there with Clapton (Nobody is better than clapton
    Missing a lot of songs, and I’m sure I’ll regret not putting some on but I’ll just leave it for now
  8. When was the last time you washed your hands?

    What a weird question, about 20 minutes ago, though.

  9. How’s your bank account doing right now?

    HAHAHAHA. Ded. It’s doing ded. But I have enough to go places now, so I’m going to do that in some desperate bid to find some sort of happiness or joy. Not really though, I just need to get out of here, for a while, or maybe forever. It’s strange, and it’s frightening, but It’s something that I feel I have to do in order to really get anywhere.

  10. What’s your morning routine?

    Ideally it’d be waking up, eating something nice for breakfast, having a shower and all that stuff, and then doing something. What it actually is is me waking up, turning the computer on and sitting on my ass for multiple hours before remembering that I do in fact have to have a shower and that eating is in fact a necessary function, eating a big lunch and then having a shower that is probably way too long, then going back to the computer and procrastinating things I need to be doing even further. It’s great.

  11. How does being tagged in this intensive tomfoolery make you feel?

    It’s pretty OK I guess.

I tag:  Quinto, Sean/Jesus, Dom

And everyone reading this. Yes. You.

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9th August 2014

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LoooOOoOook what I founnnnd!

LoooOOoOook what I founnnnd!




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5th August 2014


Yes I plan to just post shitty youtube music and never upload images again

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5th August 2014


Had another migraine today.

Super fun brownie vomit this time because I’m retarded and ate brownies while knowing that I was going to have a migraine. Thick black puke that had a kind of sweetish aftertaste and smelt more pukey than normal.

All in all a great start to the day, particularly because I had shit to do which I now can’t be fucking bothered doing.

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3rd August 2014


1st August 2014



Spent 5 hours vomiting pretty non stop, while someone drove a large metal spike into my head and ran a scalpel down the nerves.

How was your day?

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26th July 2014




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24th June 2014


Cake turned out alright, just tastes like lighter, larger brownies. Alright with icecream.

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24th June 2014



Who properly whisks cake mixture, right?… R-right?


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